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20+ Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


The kitchen is an area in the house where the family can have a good bonding time. This is where they can share quite a lot of things with each other given that everybody loves food. Therefore the kitchen has to really look good to entice every member of the family to spend more time together there. And one of the best ways to make the kitchen very appealing is by designing the kitchen backsplash really well.

The kitchen backsplash is the upright area at the back of the sink and the stove built to protect the wall from water splashes and heat. It easily draws attention since it frames the sink and the stove, the frequently used areas in the kitchen. Though the backsplash is a very important component of a kitchen in terms of aesthetics, it is not very difficult to design. You can actually use just simple kitchen backsplash ideas and still create wonderful effects. Simple kitchen backsplash ideas are actually better than more elaborate ones because they are less likely to fail and they are not as expensive.

Here are some simple kitchen backsplash ideas that you can follow in your own kitchen.

The simplest and perhaps the cheapest kitchen backsplash can be made using ceramic tiles. You can use one color only that will match the paint color of the room or one color that will create contrast and therefore provide accent to the room. You can also add ceramic tiles with embossed designs like a fruit basket or a vase of flowers if you do not want your backsplash flat.

You can also use mosaic tiles in your splashback. Mosaic tiles come in ceramic, glass and metal. You can create a lot of interesting designs using mosaic tiles.

One of the simple ideas easy to install is the steel backsplash. However it usually gives an industrial feel to the kitchen. But if you carefully combine it with nicely colored wooden cabinets you can create a classic and formal looking kitchen.

You can also use a mural backsplash. The tiles are painted with a design that can serve as the focal point for the theme that you want to have in your kitchen.

These simple kitchen backsplash ideas can help you greatly in making your kitchen a fun bonding place for the family. In fact you can even use the time to design and create it as part of your bonding moments.

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