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100 Home Design Ideas That Will Change the Way We Decorate in 2023

New Year, new interiors. Enter home design ideas for 2023. A forecast led by interior designers with a pulse on trends that will be shaping the upcoming year, and beyond. With the pandemic somewhat in the rearview mirror, mainstream designers and TikTok creators alike are predicting that home decor will take on an optimistic turn filled with vibrant colors and sustainable DIY projects, all the while maintaining a love for nature-inspired textures and accessories.

While the soft green palettes are still trending, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets, pinks are coming in strong. Repurposed furniture is also having a moment with tutorials on transforming a dining table into a chic coffee table or building a plant enclave out of an apothecary cabinet. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about 2023 home design ideas is the mix of new and old design elements, a twist on the ever popular grandmillenial trend with a decidedly contemporary refresh. “2023 is taking us to a new level of design,” says Cleveland-based Ashleigh Clark, principal of Ashleigh Clark Interior Design Group. “We saw a neutral approach to design throughout the pandemic, creating homes that look like a Pinterest ad. People are now craving character and warmth. Personality driven decor is sweeping across the nation. Art that is personal, color that evokes a positive mood mixed with natural elements, are creating homes that feel cozy while adding plenty of character.”

If you fear that the only way to embrace all of 2023’s home design ideas means parting with your current decor and starting from scratch—all the while draining your bank account—fear not. Many of next year’s best looks are easy to DIY, meaning you can exercise your creativity and save cash while making your space covetable and conversation-worthy. The following 31 home design ideas are just too good to ignore. 

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