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100 Stylish Bedroom Ideas to Inspire Your Room's Decor and Layout

A bedroom should be comfy, cozy and, of course, stylish. If your space is in need of a refresh, look no further. Regardless of your design style — traditional, modern, rustic, eclectic and more — this roundup of beautiful bedroom ideas can help amp up your next decorating plan and layout.

These budget-friendly bedroom decor pointers are perfect for a compact setup or a spacious oasis. You can browse our pictures to choose stylish headboards, charming wall accents and trendy paint colors to transform your design scheme. Or, if you're hunting for the right light fixtures and the best wallpaper for your taste, we have that covered too. For those who are designing a small bedroom or guest room, see our concepts for built-in bookshelves. We even share ideas for reusing inherited pieces, like vintage bed frames, sliding barn doors or arched window frames. They make brilliant DIYs for the bedroom, especially if you're looking for an unexpected way to personalize your space. What's more, you can find luxe bedding arrangements for a good night's sleep.

So, take a look at the chic bedrooms below to craft your dream retreat once and for all. And for paint color inspiration, we have tons of shades for you to peruse: striking black and white, calming blues, playful pinks and dreamy white. You're so close to having the stylish escape you've always wanted!


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