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70 Genius Interior Design Ideas From Professional Designers

Even if you feel confident in your design choices, wouldn't you consult an expert if given the chance? We thought so. There's something about running paint swatches or tile options by an interior designer that makes you feel like you can do anything. Every design lover can benefit from having a pro in their corner, cheering them on. Even people who have an expert eye for interior decoration look to their Pinterest boards for confirmation before committing to a change in their home, right? It takes a special expertise and years of experience to develop interior design sources and knowledge about things like lighting and floor planning. A professional's input is helpful whether you're a DIY genius or a novice.

Knowing your favorite designers' interior decorating secrets would cure the analysis paralysis you feel every time you need to buy a sofa or choose a paint color at The Home Depot. Imagine the peace of mind you'd feel if you had an authoritative source to answer all of your burning questions, like: "Are navy blue kitchen cabinets still in?" or "Will I regret doing shiplap?" We all need a guru who can help us tell passing interior design trends from timeless ideas that are cycling back into style. That kind of knowledge is invaluable when you're making permanent decisions about your home.

Because not all of us have an interior design expert on speed dial, we've asked 70 of our favorite pros to share the decorating secrets they usually reserve for clients. Below, you'll find clever tips and tricks that can solve every pain point in your home, whether it's a studio apartment or a farmhouse. 

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