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100 Bedroom Design Ideas for Every Decorating Style

Your bedrooms are arguably the most important rooms in your house, where you both start and end your days. And just like any other room in your home, the ways to express your personal style are endless. Here, we’ve gathered 101 bedroom design ideas to help you achieve the rest, relaxation, and beauty you and your bedroom deserve.

First up, consider what kind of design style your bedroom decorating dreams are made of. Are rustic and cozy farmhouse bedroom ideas (think: your own personal heirloom quilt-filled hideaway, for example) more your cup of tea? Picture a place to display your personal collections, where every morning your feet hit a perfectly imperfect worn rug layered atop creaky hardwood floors. Or are clean and modern bedroom design ideas appealing, where sleek and simple rules? Either way, a fresh coat of paint is a perfect canvas for creating a heavenly sleeping space. (Check out our list of these best paint colors for bedrooms to get started.)

If you’re looking for decorating inspiration, this gallery of has all the very best bedroom interior design ideas including color schemes, DIY thought-starters, bedroom accessories, cozy and layered bedding ideas (give us all the quilts!), and bedroom furniture design ideas, like chic and cute bedroom chairs to add maximum comfort. And if your bedroom is space-challenged, we’ve included clever small bedroom design ideas that make the most out of what space you have. Keep reading for sweet dreams ahead.


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