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12 Laundry Room Ideas That Are Fresh and Functional

 Laundry rooms, while necessary, aren’t always the most glamorous spaces in a home. But while moving clothes from the washer to the dryer isn’t exactly riveting, the space that houses them can be just as dynamic as any other in your home. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets or bringing some plants in; others may want to take their interior design scheme a step further with a fun wallpaper or dynamic backsplash.

Whatever your laundry room scheme, it’s always worth investing in a space that you and other family members will spend time in, whether that’s pressing shirts or washing out stains. “Just because a room is utilitarian in nature doesn’t mean it can’t be inspiring or glamorous,” adds interior designer Kate Figler. “I would argue that the more time we spend in a space, the more effort we should put into making it beautiful.” Here, a few insider tips for making your laundry room as crisp as your just-washed clothes. 


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