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15 Living Room Ideas You'll Love Recreating

Not only does a well-decorated living room look great, but it can have an impact on both relaxation and productivity. Whether you're hosting friends, watching TV with family or taking an afternoon nap, the living room is meant to feel inviting and comfortable. And, a cluttered or cold design will quickly get in the way. Here, we've rounded up gorgeous — yet attainable — living room ideas to pair with every home aesthetic.

From packing style in small living rooms to arranging spacious setups, we have you covered with inspiration for every kind of room. If you prefer modern living rooms, we've included a mix of casual and formal living room designs (think sleek sofas, natural materials and open shelving). Or, embrace your favorite interior design style, whether it's farmhouse, boho, eclectic or strays a bit maximalist.

As you browse, you'll find plenty of advice pertaining to living room paint colors (we're loving green living rooms, but you can't go wrong with timeless white living rooms). You may decide to experiment with a trendy wallpaper, invest in a comfortable sofa, hang fresh curtains or arrange a gallery wall — which are clever renter-friendly design ideas. You can also upgrade your space with architectural features like wood wall slats, upgraded light fixtures or a fireplace mantel makeover. So, if you're hunting for a simple solution or considering a full renovation, this stylish roundup is sure to inspire your next home project.


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