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35 Small kitchen ideas on a budget that are easy to do

Most of us will have a dream of our perfect kitchen, where money and size isn’t an issue and we can include everything we want, but the reality is that. Unfortunately, for most of us budget will be a big deciding factor, and with houses getting smaller, kitchens are too. So we are faced with the double-whammy of hunting for small kitchen ideas on a budget that are both stylish and functional.

Don't worry, though, as even the tiniest of spaces can be practical with some clever small kitchen ideas. And, despite these rooms often needing to be multifunctional, with space for cooking, eating, socialising and maybe homeworking, with some ingenious small kitchen storage ideas and a well-planned layout you can have a kitchen that becomes the hub of your home.

Small kitchen ideas on a budget

‘In a small kitchen, materials are quite important,' says Matt Baker, kitchen designer at Harvey Jones. ‘Be sure to avoid anything that can make the space seem "busy", like strong patterns, as this can draw the room in, while simplicity and paler colours will open the room up.

'Arranging a smaller room can be tricky, so pay close attention to the size of each cupboard to make sure you don’t waste valuable space with any unnecessarily large cupboards,' Matt continues. 'Making the most of your space will mostly come down to being flexible, so be flexible with your wish list; large American fridge-freezers, wide range cookers and wine coolers may have to be sacrificed for more space-friendly options.’

Here are a few clever small kitchen ideas on a budget to make the most of the space and budget you have – without compromising on style.

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