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Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Get Your Home Feeling Festive

When it comes to decking the halls, there are plenty of creative directions to consider. If you’re looking for inspiration to help kickstart your journey, peep the Christmas decoration ideas ahead. We searched high and low and discovered more than 100 concepts that will certainly get your home—from the front porch to the powder room—in the Christmas spirit.

We even asked quite a few renowned interior designers for their own decorative schemes when December rolls around. Though some stick to the traditional motifs and palettes, others take a totally unexpected approach. Intrigued? You’ll have to keep scrolling to see the most out-of-the-box decorating ideas. If you have time, we suggest going big with the decorations and outfitting more than just the living room. Otherwise, take a minimalist route and enlist only a few pieces of decor.

No matter which option speaks to you, we have a scheme for you. What’s more, we even included shopping links to trees, garlands, wreaths, and more so that you can start decorating your rooms as soon as you wish. Now that December is right around the corner, it’s never too early. All 112 of our suggestions are equally elegant and will surely make your home the most cheerful on the block. If you’re in an apartment, rest assured that plenty of our top picks are small-space friendly as well. All of the ideas, below, are pretty easy to master—at least with some patience—so go ahead and start brainstorming.


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