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Knocking Down the Kitchen Wall to Build a Breakfast Bar

If you’re looking for a way to expand your kitchen counter space without spending a lot of money, investing in a portable breakfast bar is an easy and inexpensive way to add the space without a construction crew.

A breakfast bar is basically a tall table which can act like a table, counter or even a bar. Usually tall and bought with kitchen bar stools, the tops have many different styles, depending on the buyer’s choice.

If you want some extra counter space that can be used when needed, but stored in a separate place, a kitchen breakfast bar is the way to go. For this type of bar you’ll want to buy a Formica or marble top, in order to cut safely and hold the look of the table.

An extra eating or work area bar can be perfect for storing a laptop or just using when the kitchen table is occupied. This type of bar will have a wood surface and can even be painted to match the walls of the kitchen.

The breakfast bar can double as an actual bar, if purchased with storage space beneath. Often the bars will have drawers and cabinets under the counter.

There are many differences between buying a regular table for space and a portable breakfast bar. Firstly the bar is taller, to match counter space. This makes it easier to chop vegetables or do other kitchen work by just pulling it up next to the other counter space. Secondly, this type of table can double as a kitchen island, making it possible to have more counter space for microwaves, coffee pots and food processors. Additionally, the bar can function as an extra serving table. When you have guests you can set the food on the breakfast bar while you eat at the table and have plenty of room for extra glasses or centerpieces.

Families usually congregate in the kitchen, leaving little room to work or do tasks. A breakfast bar frees up space for working on other projects and allows more family members to gather in the same room. The kids can work on school projects, while dinner is being made. Parents can work on their laptops while the kids work on the projects. There are any number of various tasks that having extra counter space will make possible.

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