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Minimalist Decorating Ideas for a Calm and Clean Space

If you're looking to nix the unnecessary items in your home to create a minimalist space, here's your new mantra: fewer is better. "Less is more" also works, and so does "quality over quantity." Minimalist spaces clear the clutter, instead focusing on high-quality and much-loved pieces.

"You want to stick to the essentials, so whatever you don't need in a space, remove it," Jung Lee, event planner and founder of Jung Lee NY, says.

There's an art to creating a minimalist space that still feels warm, inviting, and distinctly you. From carefully curated bookshelves to textured accessories and emphasizing architectural features, there are plenty of ways to create a calm, minimalist space.

Ready to create a minimalist space? Read on for 17 minimalist decorating ideas.


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